Luxury Living With These 6 Easy Home Upgrades

Luxury Living With These 6 Easy Home Upgrades

  • Pamela Roberts
  • 07/24/23

Ballantyne is an elegant neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina, with chic boutique clothing, home décor, jewelry stores, eclectic and fine dining restaurants, and Ballantyne Village, an outdoor mall featuring many high-end luxury brands. If you're considering investing in Ballantyne real estate, you may be debating how to ensure you get the most extravagant living from your Ballantyne luxury home.

If you're looking to add extra style or increase the functionality of your home, several features set luxury homes apart from typical dwellings, making them more comfortable and enjoyable to live in. While trends come and go, whether looking at new construction upgrades or renovating your new home, a few simple add-ons will uplevel your home to luxury status. Read on for our top six easy luxury home upgrades.

1. A restaurant-style kitchen

When we think of “home,” our first thoughts often go to the kitchen, where families come together to start and end their day. When considering the kitchen, you want to have the best amenities possible. Therefore, smart appliances are a must. Smart appliances not only make cooking and cleaning a more pleasurable experience, they are also better for the environment. Top appliances to upgrade include the refrigerator, dishwasher, and gas stoves.

Other luxury upgrades include smart window treatments, smart speakers or stereo systems, and motion-sensor lighting. Upgrading your countertops is another brilliant option, and with many styles and materials to decide upon, you're sure to find options that complement your unique style. For example, marble countertops and butcher blocks are two of the hottest trends in kitchens today.

Built-in appliances also have luxury appeal, adding a sleek, customized feel to your kitchen. From French-door refrigerators to hidden dishwashers that blend into your kitchen island, built-in appliances can match your kitchen's color or texture. For example, suppose you have invested in dark natural stone countertops. Installing appliances that blend in with your cabinet color will make the countertops a central focal point and give your kitchen a clean and sophisticated look.

2. Add an outdoor kitchen and living area

People love gathering around a good meal, and if you can enjoy it in the beauty of your backyard, it's even better. With the beautiful North Carolina weather year-round, having an outdoor space where your guests can enjoy a great meal and lively conversation all in a spectacular setting is true luxury living!

There are many options for outdoor living areas and kitchens, including patios with fire pits, swimming pools with barbecue pits, brick ovens for pizza, and an outdoor bar with a full drinks station. Also, consider whole-wall doors for more flexibility and a seamless transition from inside to outside entertaining.

3. Invest in excellent flooring

High-quality hardwood floors are one of the staples of luxury living, giving your home a more polished and put-together look. Consider installing hardwood floors throughout the first floor, including the living room, dining room, and playroom or office.

Tile floors are also trendy, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, heated floors are very popular, especially in the colder winter months. Radiant heating (heated floors) works by installing an electric mat or pipes that carry hot water under your tile flooring.

4. Spa and spa-inspired bathrooms

Nothing says “luxury” like a home spa. Imagine having your own private oasis after a long and harrowing day! Stress relief and self-care are essential for your overall health, so investing in a spa or spa-inspired bathroom also benefits your well-being.

Many homeowners opt for personal saunas, hot tubs, outdoor showers with steam rooms, and a message area. If your home is not conducive to a whole spa area, updating your bathroom with a whirlpool tub and upgrading the tile work to staggered flooring, a large format tile, or a mosaic tile waterfall are also great options.

This is also an excellent space to invest in heated flooring — no more cold tile floors after a relaxing hot shower! Additional touches of luxury include electric towel-warming racks, seated vanities, frosted windows for privacy and natural light, and high-end materials, such as stone accents with wooden furniture, for a more organic look.

A modern tile shower with a rain-style shower head is hot right now, paired with a modern-style bathtub or trendy soaker tub. Steam showers are also very popular. They have various options, including a rainfall showerhead, a steam generator, and a seating area. All of these amenities help to relieve stress, relax the body, increase circulation, and release tension, leading to a more relaxed and healthier you!

5. Walk-in closets

One of the essentials of luxury homes is the walk-in closet. These extra-large closets free up bedroom space for a cleaner, more organized, and minimalist look. In addition, storage space is a significant advantage; walk-in closets provide extra space and storage. These closets range from small rooms within the bedroom to separate bedroom-sized areas with seating areas, ceiling-to-floor mirrors, and island storage spaces.

Must-have features for a walk-in closet include:
  • Elegant lighting elements
  • Shoe storage spaces
  • A storage island with a charging area
  • Seating
  • A vanity mirror with a lighted mirror
  • A beverage station for your morning coffee or tea

6. Fitness or entertainment room

If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury living, fitness spaces and entertainment rooms are a great way to uplevel your home’s convenience and fun factor.

Fitness rooms make maintaining an exercise routine a breeze without heading to a separate gym. Your fitness room should include everything you need to conduct your fitness routine, from exercise bikes and treadmills to weights and mats for stretching and yoga. In addition, many fitness rooms include floor-to-ceiling mirrors to check your form while exercising. 

Entertainment or recreation rooms are another popular option for luxury homes. These rooms make entertaining and staying in just as fun as going out. Top-tier amenities, such as a projection screen or a large-screen TV surrounded by spacious couches, create a cozy space for family movie nights. Surround-sound speakers, video gaming equipment and comfortable gaming chairs, billiards tables, ping-pong tables, and foosball tables are also hot trends.

Are you planning luxury upgrades in the Ballantyne area?

If you're considering purchasing a Ballantyne luxury home or new construction, the above tips should help you determine which luxury upgrades are perfect for you and your family. When jumping into your real estate search, team up with an expert for the best results. Trusted Realtor Pamela Roberts is a leading luxury agent for Ballantyne and beyond. Contact Pamela today for all of your real estate needs.

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